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Ifan Dafydd // To Me

'To Me' is the A-side from producer and Jamie xx favourite Ifan Dafydd's upcoming 'Treehouse' EP, set for release January 30 via Push and Run.

When this track was first played unannounced on Gilles Peterson’s Radio 1 show, many thought it was a James Blake track released under some sort of alias. Well it’s not, although there’s plenty of rumours circulating about that the mysterious producer is an ex-roommate or cousin of the aforementioned musician.

With rough piano notes, smooth strings and a disjointed drum pattern the song has a certain ominous feel about it. It’s sparse, yet heavily layered in parts - a juxtaposition which enhances the beauty of the track. This being said, I’m not surprised with the James Blake comparisons. Plus if you’re getting compared to the likes of James Blake and Jamie xx then you’re definitely on the right track in my eyes. 

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    Ifan Dafydd | To Me
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    GOD he is brilliant. Another example of what I’m working towards, music with beats & feeling & bass & samples.
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